“Sarah, I can’t thank you enough for the work we have done together. It’s been such an amazing journey and I am in a completely different mindset now to when I first engaged with you. I have never felt so happy or in tune with myself and my identity and I feel incredibly proud of how far I have come. Sarah is patient, kind thoughtful and above all highly skilled at what she does. I know the goal was to get to a place where I no longer needed my sessions but I’ll be genuinely sad not to have an excuse to speak with you anymore! Thank you for everything.

“Sarah I can’t thank you enough for you time patience and incredible kindness.Working with you has been such a natural process. You are so easy to talk to, you listen and genuinely care.Reflecting on moments, learning strategys and techniques that have made such a difference to my life. You have helped me to gain confidence and understanding to move forward. Thank you.”

“I first started working with Sarah after the loss of my Dad.  She made me feel extremely comfortable when discussing the issues around my grief.  She is patient and understanding, never pushed me to talk about anything I didn’t want to.  As a young person, I feel Sarah has a brilliant understanding of how we work.  Sarah has been a very important part of my journey as I have made a lot of progress while working with her.  I feel I now have the right tools and coping techniques to help my anxiety and low moods.”

“Thanks Sarah for being the most wonderful counsellor.  I had spoken with a few counsellors before meeting you and never before had I felt so understood and listened to.  You really have helped me change my mindset and helped me to for the peace I was craving.  I now understand myself so much better and really can’t thank you enough” 

“I worked with Sarah for 6 months and my personal growth has surprised me in the best way.In the beginning I believed I would need therapy for a long time because I felt extremely overwhelmed and confused by my own feelings but Sarah has given me the tools to properly understand how I’m feeling and unpack events that have happened in my life, which has lead to a better understanding of my feelings and reactions in certain situations.  These sessions have been one of the best decisions I have made for my mental health and I have grown so much as a person, now armed with techniques Sarah has taught me to continue to grow and flourish something I do not think I would have been able to do on my own.”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and support this year.  It’s been a very challenging time in my life and your support has been invaluable and has helped more than you know.”

“I feel i have benefited greatly from talking with you and feel my head is in a better place for it”

“The work i have done with you has made me less anxious and willing to confront my fears…thanks for being so kind and patient”

“Could i just say how beneficial i found talking to you…i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to me and acknowledging my feelings.  You really did lighten the load”

“Thank you for all your help.  I feel in a much better place than I was back then.  I am on the right path for me at the moment and its largely because of your help and support.’


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