Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to my page. I became a counsellor because i believe in the healing power of the counselling relationship and the transformation that can come about from this, if you’ve arrived on my page you may be wondering if counselling is the right thing for you and if i may be the right counsellor for you or someone you care about. Hopefully my profile will give you a feel for me and how i work, so please read on!

You may be looking for counselling because you feel anxious, stressed or depressed.  You may have begun to notice uncomfortable thoughts or feelings that are holding you back in your life, or in certain areas of your life.

You may be stuck, confused or have a sense that you are not enough or something just isn’t OK, but you can’t quite put that into words.

Maybe you have noticed that you are repeating the same patterns over and over, even when you feel you have done it differently this time.

Some people have a very strong sense of what they would like to explore and work towards in counselling while others feel they would like to change but are not sure where to start.  Counselling is a very personal and individual process and so the way we work together and the amount of sessions you may need will be varied, we can talk about the issues you would like to explore and decide together what you feel will work best for you and then review this as we go.

I would like offer you a safe and confidential relationship, with space for you to explore anything you wish, at your own pace, without judgement, where healing is given the chance to flourish.

I have experience in working with a wide range of issues and clients through my work with Young Devon, my Associate Counsellor position at the Waterloo Wellbeing Centre in Plymouth and more recently with my private practice in Tavistock. I have a special interest in working with adult children of alcoholics.  I am an Integrative Counsellor with training in both Psychology and Person Centered Counselling.

I work from the belief that we all have the potential to grow and reach our full potential but that sometimes our life experiences may block this growth.  Therefore, I would like to offer you a safe and warm space where you are able to explore and resolve these blocks and begin to move forward with your life.  This way of working is fundamental to what i do but i also believe that sometimes we may need to use other methods and techniques along the way.  Therefore, i may make suggestions and offer information if it feels appropriate to our work together.

I also believe we may have emotional blocks that can be cleared with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is an energy therapy and involves ‘tapping’ onto the acupressure points on our bodies to release energy blocks in our systems while at the same time working with our limiting beliefs about the world and ourselves.  The reason i am drawn to EFT is because it worked for me and many of my clients! It is also something you can learn to do yourself and so i find it very empowering and this fits with my person centered way of working.  EFT is something i offer to all my clients as part of our work together but as with everything i do, the choice is always with you and i will always respect your choice.

I know from my own experience that making that first phone call can be very scary but ‘sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith'(Margaret Shepard)

Please contact me for further information on:

07963858535 or email me at sarahjmcounselling@mail.com


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